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PRAYER LIST - updated 09-14-2019

Please pray for our parishioners who are suffering from illness
or in need of spiritual or emotional support…


Nataly Patton,  Don Dicken,  Mike Gavin,  Joan Majewski,  Shirley Burish,  Greg Kaiser,  Mark Kaiser,  Orval Jacobsen,  Dorothy Sweeney,  Phil Gigliotti,  Kate Nowak,  Julie Couch,  Barb Gigliotti,  Mary Clare Cumberland,  Ana Meyo,  Patrick Perry,  Jim Krauss,  Nancy Dalton, Lynn Wheeler,  Clayton Moudy,  Bernie Berg,  Laura Cooper,  Rose D'Amico,  Tom Edsall,  Mike Littrell,  Troy Reith,  Tom Truong,  David Lengerich,  Sherri Heaton,  Jessica Armacost,  Diane Reese,  Karen White,  Rita Schwartz,  Denise Lowe,  Ron D'Amico,  Donna Jean Walton,  Danny French,  Shirley Priser,  Shelly Hunter,  Angie Mallewisk,   Jackie Cinal,  Naomi Dudak,  Kurt Eberhardt,  Kim Ladig,  Vicki Aguilar,  Jackie Wizer,  Betty Howe,  Jim and Jo Blackburn,  Katherine Waldschmidt,  Patricia (Pat) Majewski,   Kristin Ludwig,  Sandy Davidson,  Betty Hudson,   Catherine Svinarich,   Pat Flanagan,  Wesley Potter,   Bob Swanson,  Katherine Alderfer,  David Sommers,  Stephanie Carter,  Lauren Zmirski,  Sean Hamilton,  Zachary Heckaman,  Carmen Pappas,   Nick Adams,   Sonnie Dwyer,  Joan Brickner,   Chastity Delashmutt,  James Gilbert,  Marti Lowe Altman,  Linda Lewis,  Suzanne Bell,  Karen Pietrzak,  Courtney & Taylor Shepard,  Kate Horn,  Kathy Queser,  Jeanne & John Montano,  Jamie Priser,  Amy Dian,  Jennifer Tiffin,  Phillip Charles Brown II,  Susie Bolland,  Tim Howard,  Nikki Kimmet,  Savina Kralis,  Phil Wilson,  Patrick DiRico,  Sheryl Stroh,  Jacob Gymrek,  Danielle and Sebastian Cripe,  Lorees Sherman,  Carol & Jerry Michaels,  Andon Zehring,   Terri Kralis-Koch,   Owen Altman,  Rick Snodgrass,  Billy Mueller,  Bob Hardin.

Please call Susan Armacost at the Parish Office
if you wish to have your name or a family member's name added or removed to this list.

A copy of this list is posted in The Gathering Space near the Prayer Basket.

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