Class of 1962
   Logansport High School

                        Logansport, Indiana
Updated 7-29-12


Pictures of us "back then"
(These pictures will take a bit longer to load)

Jim Lowes on the left and friend Butch Hall
practicing to be The Sheriff.



Jim Carroll sent this St. Vincent First Communion picture from 1952. All of the people pictured are members of the class of 1962 at LHS. He can't remember all of the people's names but got 90% of them. If you can help with any of the names, please let us know. The names are listed below. (7-1-04)

Row 1: Judy Rozzi, Bonnie Fettig, Sandy Pfaff, Cheryl Pearson, Kathy Perry,
Susan Bauman, Mary Surface.
Row 2: Jerry Lombardi, ?, Denny Latz, John Lombardi, Mary Dexter, ?, ?, Denny Gilman,
Bill Reutebuch, ?,
Row 3: ?, Jim Carroll, Mike Latz, Kathy Shannon, Penny Jones, Kathy Dunn, Marty Koonz,
Jim Rozzi, Bob Bauer
Row 4: Gary Tuberty, Mike Lombardi, ?, Tom Finnell, Msgn Schall, Tom Murphy, Carl Nabors, ?, ?,


Do you remember these Tipton classmates from the 3rd grade?
We even have the Tipton LHS '62 Class Prophecy
as well as the Class Will.  You will enjoy reading what was written at 6th grade graduation.

Here is the 6th grade group from Tipton.  How many do you remember?

7-29-2012 It has called to our attention that this picture of
Tipton 6th grade is of the Class of '63, not '62.
My apologies for this error...Bob H

Janice Klump and Vicky Walker standing outside LHS on an autumn day.

Back row: Art Lovell, Jim Wickersham , Dave Frick, (maybe Mike Hardin in hat) , and Bob McClain.
Peeking through is Wayne Showalter.
Front row: Steve Neher, Jim Lowes

Cleo Huddleston flirting with the camera
on the steps at LHS. 

Penny Jones and Karen Kiesling
seemed to be all legs at this age.

 Isn't this Dianne Wells in the chair, way back when?
Who are these girls, and where are they?
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