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Tipton in 1949 - LHS '61
Photo provided by Judy Tetreau Walton (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
Row 1: Carol Pursch, Roxie Wray, Sue Martin, R.Jay Palmer, Jerry Williams, Sandra Selvio
Row 2:
Olie Smith, Mike Smith, Pat McLochlin, Virginia Hendrickson, Susie Surface, Bobby Wysong, Linda Lyons, Wanda Snyder
Row 3:
Carolyn Savini, Darleen Wherley, Sandy Snyder, Beverly Carson, Judy Tetreau, Wanda Samuels, Terry Smith
Tipton Teachers: Linda Klise Hambrick wrote: Ms Rissinger for kindergarten, Mrs. Wyrick for first, Mrs. Thimbler and Ms. Kenny.  She doesn't remember the name of the other first grade teacher.  Cecil Grandstaff was the principal.
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Photo taken in 1960 - Is this a Home Room?
First Row:Jim Bender, Mike Berndt?, Bob Berndt?, Peggy Bever?, Pam Bird, Bonnie Brewer, Terry Braden, Bob Briggs
Second Row: Carl Calloway, Richie Carr, Diane Carruthers, Pam Coon, Paulette Cooper?, Deana Evernham, Edie Gunter, Gary Hahn.
Third Row: Carol Boyd, Tony Boatman,Sharon Boller?, David Boyer, Georgie Hart, Allen Austin?,Linda Klise?, Steve Steckel, Hugh Burns, Steve Skelton, Gordon Wolf, Bob Brown, Sandy Calloway, Wilma Burton.
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St James Lutheran Church - Confirmation in 1957
Front Row L-R - Kaaren Shumacher, John McCammon, Larry Bowyer, Joe Smith, Ed Closson, Carol Gerni, Rev. Alfred C. Gerni,
Back Row L to R - Carol Johnson, Jolene Bailey, Nancy Drompp, Craig Porter, Georgia Miller, Sue Martin, Barbara Long.
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Is this part of the Sub Deb Initiation put on by the girls of '61?
Can anyone identify these people?
  Is the blindfolded girl Ann Kiesling from '62? (3-30-03)

 Below is a shot taken at the Hi Tri Formal in 1960.

left to right - Linda Lutes '61, Rodney Underwood '61(side view), Barb Long '61, Ab Douwes -sp (Dutch exchange student, Class of 1960 - I have seen reference to him on their site), Tom Sheller - '61, Pat Alder - '61, don't know who the guy with the flat top in the back is, will check Tattler, Pam Byrd - '61 (next to the "I don't know guy"), and Ron Shoemaker -'60. Pat Alder and Ron Shoemaker married and still live in Logansport.
Photo provided by Barb Long Crowder (3-30-03)

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