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----- LHS Class of 1960 -----
Logansport, Indiana
It's fun seeing how we all turned out.
  Do you recognize everyone?

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Updated 8-7-05

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 Bodinson Triathlon Team 2004
Glenn Bodinson (on right) sends a photo of his team from a triathlon he participated on in Maui. Glenn says it is great to be over 60 and enjoying a healthy life. (11-7-04)
(Larger Image)

Lewis (Lucky) Slaughter on his boat near Daytona Beach in April, 2005. Lucky intends to Europe in September, so will probably miss the reunion. (8-7-05)

Can you believe that Steve Steckel is a race driver?  Here he is in an "Indy Light" car.  (Larger Image)

 Old friends meet again:  Glenn Bodinson, Mary Steinberger Hillstrom, Ab 
Douwes, Jim David.  (Larger Image)
Glenn, Mary, Ab and Jim just having fun!

Jim, Mike and Larry solving world problems!
A meeting of the minds:   Jim David, Mike Dixon, Larry Hunter.  (Larger Image)

Blondes have more fun: Bettsy Bailey Hollingsworth, Karen Ryan Maple, Mary 
Steinberger Hillstrom. (Larger Image)Bettsy, Karen and Mary proving that blondes have more fun!

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