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Way Back When

----- LHS Class of 1960 -----
Logansport, Indiana
It's fun remembering those days of years ago.
Here you will find pictures of old friends you may have
forgotten about until now.  Do you remember?

If you have any pictures taken prior to 1961 that you would like to see here,
Please scan them and send them to Bob Hardin or ask for a mailing
address where you can send them for addition to the page.
They will be returned unharmed.

Updated 8-23-10

Pat O'Reilly's Party

First Row:   Pat O'Reilly, Mike Tuberty, Tim O'Connor
Second Row:  Paul Goodale, Brian Barnes,Tim Wagner
Third Row:  Jim Koontz, Father Matuzak, John Gilman
Standing in Fourth Row:  Pat Cain, Mike McLocklin, Bob Mordenti
Larger image (89K)

1960 Prom Night
Dick Krieg, Joan Schmidt Mote, Connie Schirm Barnes, Brian Barnes
Larger image (258K)

Ice Skating on the pond at The Logansport State Hospital
Photo taken January 26, 1960 (Logansport Pharos Tribune)
Douglas Forgey and Susie Long Baldini
Larger Image (347K)

Eight Grade at Riley Junior High
In the far back: Sydney Leach, Fred Burrows, Dick Reed, and Bill Elliott in the front.  
Larger Image (209K)

Winter of 1960 - Brian Barnes and Connie Schirm Barnes at The HiTri Formal.  Larger Image (187K)

Sixth grade at Washington School in 1953. Our teacher, Robert Whitehead, went to California, and he became a writer of childern's literature. Bob Whitehead was a wonderful teacher.
Larger Image (245K)

Sixth Grade Recognition Day at Washington School (1953)
First Row
Elaine Leslie Baker, Connie Schirm Barnes
Second Row
Shirley Timberman Nichols, Linda Engelbrecht Hill, Sue Viney Kaufman
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Jeff Williams ('59) is all 'spiffed up' on Prom Night, May 23rd, as he stands on Kathie McCain's front porch.  Kathie just couldn't resist taking this picture.  What a good looking sixteen year old he was!

 ??, Annette, Kathie, and Jim at a dance
Seems like the Class of '60 went to a lot of dances.  Here are Dennis Wildrick, Annette Cooper, Kathie McCain, and Jim David in 1958.
Larger Image (39K)

 Sandy Sundy
Sandy Sundy shows off her corsage, but where is she and what is happening on this sunny day in 1960?  Larger (39K)

 Carolyn Lowe and HC Renkenberger
Can you remember how much fun it was to cuddle in the back seat like Carolyn Lowe and HC Renkenberger ('59) are doing here?

 Mike Maple
Mike Maple is caught by the camera.  Some have said he looks a little guilty?? Maybe like the cat that ate the canary?  Larger image (16K)

Joe, Ed, Susan & Linda at D of I Formal
The D of I formal dance was supposed to be fun but the look on Joe's face says something else.   Joe Shaughnessy ('59), Ed Fasnacht ('59), Susan Huff, and Linda Smith.  Larger Image (41K)

 Freshman Dance
Freshman dance with Mike Dixon, Sandy Sundy, John Luxem (standing), Janet Hanlin (leaning forward). Bigger image here (27K)

Musical Chair?
Is this musical chair? Hmmm! Looks like a lot of fun in Junior High by: Nancy Wilson, Linda Moyes?, Pat Weida, Jim David, Mike Dixon, Kathy McCain, Tom Brown, and Mary Steinberger. Larger Image (25K)

Franklin School classmates pose for the annual picture in 1952.  Do you remember
when we all looked like this? Here is a
larger image (49K).

St. Lukes 1955
St. Lukes Lutheran Church Confirmation
Class picture taken May 29, 1955.
R 1-Michele Rhodes,Linda Erb,Carole Carson,Don Farrer;
R 2-Rita Sailors, Barbara Davis,
Robert Adams, Harry Jones,
Kuns (61);
R 3-Arlene Isaacs, Karen
Ryan, Carolyn Massey,
Rev. Walter C.
Davis, Jr., Bettsy Bailey,David Boyer (61).
Larger Image (44K)

Longfellow 1952
Here is our class from Longfellow in 1952. Who are all of us standing there with Miss Agda Rafter, our principal?
Here is
larger image for you (53K)

Pretty at Prom
Barb Davis and Arlene Isaacs wait with smiles for their prom dates to return with some punch at the LHS Senior Prom on
May 20, 1960.

Prom Royalty
King Tom Barnes and Queen Jean George at the prom.

Porch Swing
Can you believe the porch swing held up with these two couples on it? Nancy Bookwalter, Jerry Black, Ron Watson, and Karen Klumpp might remember this!

McKinley 1952
Our class at McKinley in 1952. Click here for larger photo (43K).  How many from this picture can you name?

Hi-Y Officers
Hi-Y Officers left to right:
Richard Fox, Evert Wolfe, Richard Dial, Bob Blume, and Harry Jones.

Slumber Party - summer of 1957
Starting at center left and going
clockwise are the gals at a Slumber
Party on June 4, 1957: Mary Williams, Cathy Insley, Marsha Working, Barbara Davis, Rose Davis, Elaine Sailors, Barbara Ruschkofski, Carol Carson, Judy Scarpelini, Barbara Carson ('61).

Nancy Bookwalter, Karen Klumpp and Marilyn Rush
Nancy Bookwalter, Karen Klumpp,
and Marilyn Rush Nulf (deceased)
sitting on the porch steps enjoying
the sunshine.

Mary Williams
How many people remember this young lady in pigtails?  Why it's Mary Williams Anderson.

Kathie McCain 1954
Kathie McCain in 7th grade standing
on the tennis courts at Riverside Park.

Bettsy Bailey - 1955-56
Bettsy Bailey posed with a carnation
for her 8th Grade picture at Lincoln
Junior High School in '55-'56.

Connie Schirm 9-13-58
Connie Schirm after helping a friend
pack for college on Sept 13, 1958.

KMcain & JStewart -1954
Jeanne Stewart and Kathie McCain
enjoy their cool treats at Riverside
Park in 1954.

Frances Huff with sister Margie and Charlie Strecker at Kenneth
Frances Huff with Charlie Strecker
and her sister Margie enjoying the
sun at Kenneth Stone Quarry.  This
was taken in the summer of 1957.

Karla Vinyard and her brother
Karla Vinyard stops for a rest with
her little brother on the way home 
from school in 1956.

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