Saint Bridget's Classroom
Logansport, Indiana

This photo is also on the new Indiana State Museum's Faces of Indiana project.  It can be viewed by going to  The images can be viewed on the web site and will come up randomly in the museum's "Hoosier Bridge to the Future" skyway walk between buildings.  Anyone can have a photo added to the collection for a $100.00 donation.

Girls on the left: 1st row: Susan Hendricks (SB '52), Betty Vitello (per Margaret Fitzgearld & Tom Castaldi) , Magalene Cira (SB '52) 
2nd Row: Nancy Walls (now Gordon and in SB ' 52), Margaret Fitzgerald (now Brooks), Mary Lou Scagnoli (both SB '53) 
In the back standing alone is: Judy Wagner. (SB '52) and between Judy and the Christmas Tree virtually not visible is a portion the head of Sue Newton (now Jorgstorf) (SB '53). 

On the right and the boys: Tom Castaldi (SB '53), Tom Medland (SB '52), Dale Ristedt (SB '53) and Sister M. Perpetua
Across the back left to right:  Ted Barrett, Mike Welch, Berl Bucky Grant (all SB '52)  Don Smith and Tom Myers (both in SB '53) 

Of course the St. Bridget's Class of '52 became LHS '56 and SB Class of '53 became LHS '57.

Photo provided by Tom Castaldi.  (Larger images available below)

Can anyone help provide the married names of the girls now?          (February 2, 2002) update:(3-2-09)