What I have learned!  by: Robert William Hardin, II

Things Learned by Others:

These from Sherry Lotta.....10-9-2000.
1. I've learned that it is not good to be a princess in a castle if your soul is chained to the man who 'would be king'.

2. I've learned that to be someone you are not to please someone else is a spiritless hell.

3. I've learned that turning yourself inside out to get someone else's approval is not necessary...just being who you are is good enough all the while.

4. I've learned that it is important to trust my heart.

And from Kathie Pate.....10-9-2000.
1.  I've learned that I should never look down on anyone, as for what I surmise, may be completely wrong.  They may have walked a harder life, and may have never had someone to love them.

2. I've learned that the old saying...that you can have many friends in life, but only a few TRUE friends...is so correct, as I have seen this proverb many times.

3. I've learned that it is important to try to make many good memories for your family and friends, for they will always cherish you for this simple thing in life.