Here are a few pictures of the family:

Updated November 1-2009

Bob Hardin
 This is me in 1999
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Barb-DePuy Report Cover
 This is Barb (Picture from the 2000 DePuy Financial Report Cover).
A Cover-Girl at last!

Barb-Bob Hardin 2003
Barb and Bob dancing at Bob's 45th Class Reunion in August, 2003.

Hardins, Skippers-Hartzlers, Courchaines, 1999
Here is the family at our house at Thanksgiving of 1999.

Christmas 2001
Barb's and Bob's mothers with their Great-grandchildren, Christmas 2001.
Row 1: Ethel w/Michaela Courchaine, Ginny
Row 2: Devin Hartzler, Angela Waddle, Aric Hartzler, Amanda Waddle

Hardins - Christmas 2001
Barb and Bob with daughters Natalie Waddle, Beth Skipper,
and Katrina Courchaine, Christmas 2001.
Bob-Barb and Mothers - Christmas 2001

 Ethel w/daughter Barb and Ginny w/son Bob, Christmas 2001.

Virginia Hardin Knight
 This is Bob's Mother, Ginny.
Waddle family - Christmas 2001
 Natalie, David, Amanda, and Angela, Christmas 2001.

Skippers w/Devin & Aric Hartzler - 2001
 Here is Chip and Beth Skipper, and Beth's children Devin and Aric
at Christmas in 2001.
Devin's Page - Aric's Page

Courchaines - Christmas 2001
Steve, Michaela, and Katrina Courchaine, Christmas 2001..
Katrina's Page of Quotes
Matthew Courchaine 2002
Matthew Robert arrived as a brother
for Michaela on November 26, 2002.
Here he is at only fifteen hours old.

Courchaines 2004
Katrina & Steve Courchaine with Matthew and Michaela in March, 2004.

Ethel and Owen Emerick in Florida in 1991
 This is Ethel and Owen Emerick (Barb's mom). (1991)
Owen passed away on August 13, 1999, Ethel on June 3, 2007.

Katrina, Beth, Rob, and Natalie (1992)
 Katrina, Beth, Rob (deceased 1993), and Natalie (1989).

Cousins - Smith funeral in 1999
Cousins posing at funeral dinner for grandmother Bernice Smith on
February 9, 1999. George Jacks, Bob Hardin, Linda Jacks Sexton,
Doug Jacks, Cheryl Stultz Gfeller.

Special picture for some people who attended Longfellow Elementary School:
Bday Party at 826 North St in 1952?
 This picture was taken in 1952 or 1953 at Bob's 11th or 12th birthday party.
Front row: Mark Armick, Bob Hardin, Mike Gardner, Ronnie Morris and Ronnie Lutes. Back Row: LaRue Hoffman, Janie Meinzer, Sandy Ulbrich, Judy Gray, Sharon Morris.
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