Camp Kosciusko

Presbyterian Church Camp
Winona Lake, Indiana

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Ashton, Dean DeanAshton (at)  NEW 8-20-07
Beaver, Barbara (was Babs)
 [Branecky] bbranecky (at) NEW 5-25-04
Brunckhorst, Lee  leeb35 (at)  Changed 10-5-09  (lives in Australia-would love to hear from any camper)
Burton Lynda  [Ulrich]  Lynda_Ulrich (at)  NEW 8-20-07
Cox, Larry Joe  larryjoecox (at)  (Hawaii)  NEW 10-5-09
Cox, Linda [Smith]  lindas (at)  NEW 10-5-09
Crowell,Stephen - NO EMAIL  NEW 10-5-09
Dawson, Pat [Bartholomew]  rbartholomew001 (at)   Changed 5-28-08
Dettman, Patsy [Hagsten]  phagsten (at)   NEW 7-17-12
Dost, Jim  jdost (at)   NEW 8-15-05

Downham, Colleen  [Payne]  cpayne (at)

Foreman, Steve    Steve (at)   Changed 7-6-03
Forgey, Chris [Kennell]  kennellCLC (at) Changed 7-8-12
Garner, Susie [Kraft]  susangkraft (at)  NEW 8-6-2013
Geider, Liz [Selmier]  elizabethselmier (at)   NEW 9-19-04
Gorman, Art  ahgorman (at)   Changed 12-18-05
Green, Joyce  joyceahodges (at)  Changed 4-2012

Hardin, Bob    hardinfamily (at)      Changed 7-16-15
Hopping, Cindy [Albright]  cindy (at)   NEW 9-19-04
Jewell, Pat  [Fulwider]  sigtree392 (at)
  Changed 6-2011 Has contact for Susie Lavengood

Johnson, Barbara  [Ottinger]  lkbaott59 (at)  Changed 7-16-15
Lawrence, Tom  telcal (at)
Leffingwell, Joyce [Bradley]  J.E.Bradley2007 (at)  NEW 8-20-07
Has contact for Dwight Nelson
Leifer, Leah  NO EMAIL (Indianapolis)  NEW 8-20-07
McIntyre, Linda  [Scott]  jandlscott (at)
McIntyre, Steve    stemci (at)
   NEW 9-19-04
Miller, Rich   RichMcc (at)
   NEW 7-31-05
Osterchill, Judy [Mallory]  jgmallory (at)    NEW 3-6-06

Robb, Jane [Davis]  Thomas_S_Davis (at)    NEW 9-19-04
Rose, Dave  dtrose (at)  NEW 10-5-09

Saunders, Chuck  chucks1933 (at)
  Changed 12-18-05
Shuss, Sara  [Grande]  scgrande (at)
    Changed 2011
Sterling, Janey [Eaton]  janeysjge (at)  NEW 8-6-2013
Stuebe, Karen
  [Elvin]   krelvinarts (at)
  Changed 7-11-2012
Stevens, Joanne  JSStevens (at)   NEW 3-6-06

Swigert, Sue  [Beal]  suebeal (at)   Changed 7-6-03
Switzer, Ann  [Thompson]  anthompson2563 (at)   Changed 7-18-09
Terman, Jim  jterman (at)  NEW 7-17-09
Vickery, Linda [St. Myers]  Lstmyers (at)  NEW 3-10-13  (attended Junior Camp in 1962)
Walker, Susie [Devine]  Buzzard (at)
  Changed 8-20-07

Webster, Roger   rawejw59 (at)
  Changed 5-25-04
Whitacre, Judy  [Hershberber]   JAHersh01 (at)  NEW 7-31-05

Wilson, Cynthia [Russell]  NO EMAIL  NEW 8-20-07
Yoder, Jeanie  [Miller]  JYMz34 (at)
  Changed 2011

Deceased: (14 Known)
Boomershine, (Charles) Gary Monticello HS   7-??-1982
Buchenberger, Chuck Indianapolis HS      6-1-2017
Daneil, Mary Ann [Montgomery] Mishawaka HS   (NC) 8-7-2018
Downham, Brenda    Deer Creek & Logansport HS (Fla) 8-12-2015

Elvin, Dick   Kokomo HS - Massillon, OH   7-9-2011 -- Obit information
Greene, Connie Monticello HS - University of Mich about 2010
Janz, Lynne  [Mahoney]  - Michigan City HS 4-3-2006
King, Tom Logansport HS    (Ill) 4-7-2018
LaFollett, Carole [Siekerman]  3-25-2009
Murphy, Mike B Peru HS, Colton, CA 1-14-2012 (emphysema from smoking per his family)
Robbins, Richard Irvine, CA  1-31-2013
(& wife Arlene Westfall [Robbins}-died 2008)
  (They met at Camp Kosci in 1933, married 1936)
Snyder, Jerry  Goshen HS 6-23-1996
Thurman, Eleanor [Fairchild]  - Garrett HS  10-20-2008

Bob Hardin has complete contact information for campers.