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 5 Marilyn Taylor DeWitt

 9 Nancy Anne Talmadge Henry

11 Nancy Jeanne Luxem Bynan

13 Carolyn Joan Grantham King

16 William J Kimberling, II

19 James Lorrin Fergus

21 Judith Ann Yoder Little

28 Paul Rex Cotner, Jr

30 Sally Bodell Smith


 2 Kenneth Lee Thomas

 9 Yvonne Noble Austin

17 Thelma Jane Hawkins Miller

21 Sandy Ulbrich Gothe

23 Ralph Eugene Levy

26 Lyle Kreighbaum Durbin

28 Paul Steven Loner

30 Stephen Franklin  Foreman

30 Gary Russell Powell


 4 Carolyn Sue Korreckt Black

 7 Helen Lee Austin Wolfe

 9 Stephen Bowlin Wheatley

22 Bernadine Hombach Bender

23 Sharon Marie Dunbar Nolan

25 Jerry Paul Hunt

26 Margaret Elizabeth Murphy Nies

31 Beverly Grandstaff McLaggan


 1 Daniel H Lybrook

6 John Duane Gibson

12 Jack Gordon Winegardner

19 Joyce Lynn Haley Mote

22 William Charles Hunt

26 Margaret Anne Pasquale Fouts

27 Ronald Lee Frick

27 Maritherese Trinen Bash

29 Robert William Hardin, II

31 Larry Thomas ‘Butch’ Jones


 7 Richard Ray Campton

13 Constance Kay Klumpp Caudill

15 Nancy Suzanne Tilley Hamilton

16 Ann Raub Snyder

20 Betty Lou Ingram Hardin

25 Margaret J Strong Smith

26 Lee Richard Cox

28 Betty Joyce Klise Riggle

28 Myra Marie Seybold Ping

29 Jay F Grusenmeyer

29 Patrick Joseph O’Connor

29 RoseAnn Elizabeth O’Connor Jones

 Most Recent
Classmate Deaths:



See Memorial Page for all 89 names and click on names there






For classmates with serious health issues.

Nelson Becker

Jim Watts


new.gifReunion Booklets



     If you have lost your reunion booklet or failed to get one at our most recent reunion from September of 2013, we have a few left.  They can be ordered and will be mailed to you for $7.00 each.

     Please let Peggy Murphy or Bob Hardin know you'd like to get one of the booklets.





 Monthly Class Dinners
at Silver Lake Restaurant

     The class of '58 meets for dinner each month, except May, Nov, and Dec.  (The three months with holidays at the end of the month.)

~~~~ 2015 ~~~~

Jan 26 -- Feb 23 -- Mar 30
Apr 27 -  May-NO - Jun 29
Jul 27  -  Aug 31 -- Sep 28
Oct 26 -  Nov-NO - Dec-NO

     Join us on the last Monday of the month at 6 p.m.  Order off the menu...bring a guest and visit with us, usual group is from 18 to 25 people.

new.gif     The final class dinner of 2015 was in October and EIGHTEEN came together before our holiday break.  Sally Bodell Smith brought some munchies for all to share and celebration of October birthdays.  Those attending were:  Pat Bowyer Easterday, Sharon Dunn Haynes, Rita Grimes Musselman, Judy Grace Knight, Ralph Levy, Nancy Talmadge & Dave Bowles, Bob Hardin, Sally Bodell Smith & Gene, Rich Cox & Susie, Peggy Murphy Nies, Susie Mordenti Dickerson, Jane Wolf Linback, Judy Yoder Little, and Yvonne Noble Austin & Frank.

      TWENTY-NINE happy and hungry friends joined together at dinner in September.  Joyce Haley Mote brought as guests her brother JT Haley ('61) and his wife Ana who were visiting from Florida.  Also attending were Judy Yoder Little, Ralph Levy & Sue, Tom (TJ) Smith & Ann ('59), Bob Hardin & Barb, Nancy Talmadge & Dave Bowles ('59), Jane Wolf Linback, Butch Jones & Judy, Pat Bowyer Easterday, and Pat (Ann) McIlwain Nelson who had driven all the way from WV.  We also had Sharon Dunn Haynes, CeeCee Royer Wilson, Yvonne Noble Austin & Frank, Susie Mordenti Dickerson, Peggy Murphy Nies, Richie Cox and Susie ('59), Paul Cotner & Pat, and Sally Bodell Smith & Gene.

     August saw THIRTY-TWO at the dinner again.  Attending were Nelson & Dixie Becker, Kay Burgess Weatherwax & Tom, Tom (TJ) Smith & Ann, Judy Grace Knight, Ralph Levy, Sharon Dunn Haynes, Rita Grimes Musselman & Jim, Kent Hall, Sally Bodell Smith & Gene, Judy Yoder Little, Richie Cox & Susie, Nancy Nelson Fiscel, Paul Cotner & Pat and 2 granddaughters, and Bob Hardin.  Also attending were Bernadine Hombach Bender, Joyce Haley Mote, Nancy Talmadge Henry & Dave Bowles, Diana Neumann Burrough & her sister Judy Neumann Watson, Verna Raikes Ritz, Peggy Murphy Nies, and Susie Mordenti Dickerson.

     The July dinner welcomed THIRTY-TWO for the evening.  Several from out of town were able to join us and all the visiting was a joy to behold.  Joining in the evening were Sally Bodell Smith & Gene(Dayton, IN), Larry "Butch" Jones & Judy, Cee Cee Royer Wilson, Sharon Dunn Haynes, Dianna Neumann Burrough (Marion) and her sister Sally, Jane Wolf Linback, Pat Bowyer Easterday, Yvonne Noble Austin & Frank, Thelma Hawkins Miller (Las Vegas, NV), Rich Cox & Susie, Tom (TJ) Smith & Ann, Judi Grace Knight.

     Also attending were Peggy Murphy Nies, Susie Mordenti Dickerson, Ralph Levy & Sue(Brookston, IN), Charles Strecker & Sharon(Indianapolis), Frank Ehase & Rita, Joyce Haley Mote, Verna Raikes Ritz (Lafayette, IN), Nancy Talmadge & David Bowles, and Bob Hardin & Barb (Warsaw, IN).  Sally Smith brought treats for all to share for dessert.

     NINETEEN joined us for our June dinner.  Those attending were:  Paul & Pat Cotner, Peggy Murphy Nies, Nancy Talmadge Henry & David Bowles, Judi Grace Knight, Tom (TJ) Smith & Ann, Ralph Levy, Bob Hardin, Sharon Dunn Haynes, Jane Wolf Linback, Rita Grimes Musselman & Jim, Pat Bowyer Easterday, Rich Cox & Susie, and Sally Bodell Smith & Gene.

     TWENTY-SEVEN took advantage of the warmer, more daylight hours for our April dinner.  Enjoying food and friends were Richie & Susie Cox, Judi Grace Knight, Tom (TJ) & Ann Smith, Bernadine Hombach Bender & Vince, Jane Wolf Linback, Judy Yoder Little, Sally Bodell Smith & Gene, Larry "Butch" Jones & Judy and guest Gene Williams, Kay Burgess Weatherwax, Carolyn "Susie" Mordenti Dickerson, Peggy Murphy Nies, Bob Hardin & Barb, Pat Bowyer Easterday, guest Kent Hall, Paul Cotner & Pat, Verna Raikes Ritz & Chuck Reynolds, Nancy Talmadge Henry & David Bowles. 

 Our first dinner in spring saw TWENTY-ONE at the March dinner.  Attending were Peggy Murphy Nies, Nancy Talmadge Henry & Dave Bowles, Verna Raikes Ritz & Chuck Reynolds, Sharon Dunn Haynes    ,  Rita Grimes Musselman & Jim, Bob Hardin, Yvonne Noble Austin & Frank, Kent Hall-guest, Richie Cox & Susie, Ralph Levy, Judy Grace Knight, Butch Jones & Judy, Jane Wolf Linback, Pat Bowyer Easterday, and Judy Yoder Little.

     Even with the very cold weather, TWENTY brave souls attended the February class dinner.  Richie Cox's wife Susie provided birthday cake for dessert since Thursday is Richie's birthday,  Enjoying the food and visiting were Nancy Talmadge Henry & Dave Bowles, Richie Cox & Susie, Rita Grimes Musselman & Jim, Paul Cotner & Pat, Sally Bodell Smith & Gene, Verna Raikes Ritz and Chuck Reynolds, Marilyn Taylor DeWitt, Susie Mordenti Dickerson, Jane Wolf Linback, Myra Seybold Ping, Sharon Dunn Haynes, Judy Grace Knight, Peggy Murphy Nies, and guest Kent Hall.

     The January dinner saw a lot more attending than last year when only two made it because of the weather.  This month TWENTY-FIVE joined us for dinner and visiting.  We enjoyed some mini-brownie cupcakes that Sally Bodell baked to celebrate January birthdays.  Attending were Nancy Talmadge Henry & Dave Bowles, Verna Raikes & Chuck Reynolds, Bernadine Hombach Bender, Cee Cee Royer Wilson, Rich Cox & Susie, Judi Grace Knight, Bob Hardin & Barb, Sally Bodell Smith & Gene, Jane Wolf Linback, Judy Yoder Little, Yvonne Noble Austin & Frank, Butch & Judy Jones, Ralph Levy, Rita Grimes Musselman, Sharon Dunn Haynes, Myra Seybold Ping, Pat Bowyer Easter, and Kent Hall whose wife Beverly Parmeter Hall passed away at the beginning of January.

55th Reunion Photos

Some of the photos are online for your viewing, thanks again to Sue Foreman.

Click the link or copy and paste the long link.

Friday AND Saturday Night Photos




Sept 20  B&K East

Sept 20  Sycamore

Sept 27  Charbett's

Sept 27  B&K West



     Of course Mr. Happy Burger is open all year long serving their tasty breaded tenderloins and ice creams among other offerings.
     The China Lane still stands in the same place on Market Street, a favorite for Chinese food for over sixty years in Logansport.



- Sept 27-28, 2013 -


     We had a great turnout for each evening.  Friday night at the Legion was the first time many had seen each other for five years. It was filled with hugs and big smiles and lots of tasty appetizers provided for the evening.


     Saturday afternoon many sat around the pool at Ann Raub Snyder's home for a more casual visit while others visited families or roamed favorite haunts from their youth.


     Saturday evening at Angie's Catering included a nice dinner along with plenty of visiting and more hugs.  The nicely decorated room even had a giant Felix and some Felix memorabilia was given away to all who wished a souvenir.  The crowd sang the LHS school song and ended it with the school cheer.  The evening also included favorite fifties music provided by Joe Sumpter and several couples even danced to their favorite songs.


Saturday (60 + 35 Guests)

ONLY on Friday (3 + 2)

Helen Austin Wolfe  CA
Nelson Becker (2) Logan
Kay Burgess Weatherwax (2) Logan
John Gibson  AZ
Bob Hardin (2)  IN
Thelma Hawkins Miller  NV
Peggy Murphy Nies  Logan
Albert Rhea  FL
Tom (TJ) Smith (2)  Logan
Charles Strecker (2)  IN
Nancy Talmadge Henry (2)  Logan
Rose Ann Williams Dowty (2)  NE
Sharon Dunn Haynes  Logan
Judy Grace Knight  Logan
Beverly Grandstaff McLaggan,  CA
Ralph Levy (2)  IN
Ron Lutes  IL
Verna Raikes Ritz  IN
Cee Cee Royer Wilson (2)  Logan
Joe Sumpter (2)  IL
Ken Thomas (2)  CA
Walter Watts (2)  IN
Paul Cotner (2)  IN
Rita Grimes Musselman (2)  Logan
Anna Kay Hassett Williams (2)  IN
Betty Johnson Carney (2)  Logan
Marjorie Kimes Clark  IN
Paul Loner (2)  IN
Joy Neher Sharp (2)  IN
Janet Nelson Reed (2)  Logan
Rose Ann O'Connor Jones (2) Logan
Janet Richeson Chamberlain  MO
Bill Richter  Logan


Sally Bodell Smith  IN
Pat Bowyer Easterday  Logan
Sharon Dunbar Nolan  TN
Bernadine Hombach Bender (2) Logan
Larry 'Butch' Jones (2)  Logan
Judy McKeever Polley (2)  IN
Diana Neumann Burrough (2)  IN
Ann Raub Snyder (2) Logan
Gary Stitt  MI
Judy Yoder Little  Logan
Ann Buzbee, Furnival (2)  TX
Anne George Brown  IL
Carolyn Grube Rucker  MN
William Harrison (2)   Logan
Bonnie Kitchell Miller  OH
Karen Lough Landgraf (2)  CA
Myra Seybold Ping  Logan
George Tilley (2)  IN
Steve Wheatley (2)  OR
Jane Wolf Linback  Logan
Richie Cox (2)  Logan
Dave Dickerson  Logan
  Susie Mordenti Dickerson
Linda Dinius Lantz (2)  Logan
Nancy Luxem Bynan (2)  WI
Susanne Smith Ridlen (2)  Logan
Bryan (Everett) Cooke (2)  CA
Betty Flowers Smith  OH
Steve Foreman (2)  FL
Stuart Eugene Hilbert (2)  MI
Patrick O'Connor (2)  IN
Darlene Tipton Lowe  Logan

        FRIDAY ONLY (2+2)
Donna Fawley Wiles-FRI (2)  IN
James Moss-FRI-(2)  IL
Mary Lou Woodruff Fickle-FRI- TN
Bill Gallaher-FRI-(2) Logan

rcarecordplayer-125.jpgRemember having one of these?

 MetalTags.jpgWho remembers what these metal tags were used for when we were in high school?

Any happy memories associated with these?

(Tower Park Pool Clothing Basket ID Tags.)

   This link is for the 2008 50th Reunion Group Photo.
   Scroll to see the whole picture.

   Classmate T J Smith provided a group photo of the 2003 45th Reunion.


Have you ever tried to think of a classmate's name and wondered when we were in school together?  updatedgreen.gif

Wonder no more with this list of classmates from EACH year in High School.  The names were taken from the Tattlers from '55 thru '58, a total of 348 different classmates in our class over the four years.  You might find it very interesting.
           (updated 3-7-14)

Of course, everyone who grew up in Logansport remembers this cherished prize.

Brass Ring from the Carousel [Merry-Go-Round])

updatedgreen.gif You will find many photos from the old page on the Old Home Page until things are finally all moved to this new page.

Many of the individual old picture links still work.
We have no control over this old site since 2003.

f you have some ideas that we might be able to use to make the page easier for everyone, please let me know.
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50th Reunion Photos still online for viewing!

Sue Foreman has graciously made the photos she took all weekend
available to all of us. You'll enjoy Sue's wonderful work.
Of course those with dial-up Internet will find it slower to get the pictures,
but it is certainly worth the wait.
Use the name badges on Saturday pictures to help identify people.

Friday: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8IbOWLVu3as6U&emid=sharview&linkid=link4
Saturday: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8IbOWLVu3as56&emid=sharview&linkid=link4

Thank you, Sue, for providing these wonderful pictures.

Thanks to Jan for the following two batches of photos:
Janet Richeson Chamberlain has shared the photos you'll find on these links:
Thu, Fri, Sat afternoon pictures from Reunion from Jan Richeson 85 pictures

Sat evening, and Sunday lunch at China Lane from Jan Richeson 41 pictures