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Pictures of Camp Kosci from the fifties
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Katie Price Day July 17th
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This page is here to help find friends from Camp Kosciusko and to revive old memories and share pictures while renewing friendships.
Of course we'll want to share what has happened to us and our families over these forty some years.

If you know of a way to contact campers via e-mail, please send the address to me so a master list can be stored here for all to use.  Pictures will also be posted as they are received.



Im000184-Elvin-175.jpgDick Elvin, Kosci Camper from the 50s, died July 9, 2011, in Ohio.
Dick was instrumental in getting the Kosci Reunions initiated and was always excited to attend.
Visit a page about Dick and his life:


2015 Reunion

Even though this year's official reunion was canceled because of conflicts in timing,
last minute scurrying around made a meeting possible on Saturday Aug.  8th.

Five former campers from the mid-fifties met in Warsaw at American Table Restaurant
for a three hour fun visit and lunch.

Attending were Rich Miller, Florida; Joyce Green Hodges and her husband Jerry,
Kokomo; Art Gorman, Mishawaka; Pat Jewell, Leesburg, and Bob Hardin, Warsaw.

2014 Reunion
August 2, 2014 (1st Sat. in August)
Because of scheduling conflicts and various other difficulties
only four campers managed to get together in Kokomo at Joyce's house for our reunion.

But that didn't deter us for spending the entire afternoon visiting, sharing, and
having lunch.  Rich Miller even called from Florida to say hello and give us his regards.

2013 Reunion
August 3, 2013 (1st Sat. in August).
Pat Jewell Fulwider graciously provided her home 8 miles from Warsaw, Indiana, for the reunion.
Attending were eight campers and three guests who enjoyed renewing friendships and getting to know
a new camper, Susie Garner Kraft who brought guest Toni Nuzzo.
After lots of visiting and sharing of camp photos Art Gorman led everyone in singing many
camp songs that were favorites of the group.  Each person did a bit of reminiscing and sharing of favorite
camp memories during those days in the fifties.
Pat then served a delicious lunch as the group continued sharing and catching up on their life stories.
Joyce Green Hodges offered to host the group on August 2, 2014, in Kokomo at her home.
Campers attending this year were Art Gorman, Sara Shuss Grande, Linda McIntyre Scott, Bob Hardin,
Pat Jewell Fulwider, Susie Garner Kraft, Joyce Green Hodges, and Rich Miller.
Guests were Toni Nuzzo, Jerry Hodges, and Barb Hardin.

2012 Reunion
Saturday, August 4, 2012.
We met at the home of Pat Jewell Fulwider, 8 miles north of Warsaw.
Seven Kosci Campers and three spouses were treated to an afternoon of renewing
friendships and talking of camp days and where our lives have brought us today.
Pat provided us with a scrumptious lunch with burgers grilled by her son Phillip.
After watching a ten minute DVD video of our first reunion from 2004 and the second one
from 2005, each camper received a copy of the DVD for their personal use.
It was decided to meet the first Saturday in August in 2013 at the same place,
barring unforeseen circumstances.
Chuck Buchenberger was finally able to join us from Indianapolis.  Others attending were
Chuck Saunders, Columbus, Joyce Green Hodges from Kokomo, Linda McIntyre Scott from Columbia City,
Sara Shuss Grande from Mishawaka, Pat Jewell Fulwider from Warsaw and Bob Hardin from Warsaw.
Pat's husband Jim, Joyce's husband Jerry, and Bob's wife Barb also joined us. 

2011 Reunion
Unable to meet during 2011.

2010 Reunion
Saturday, August 14, 2010.
Winona Lake Park near the Camp Kosci Lodge where we stayed in the 50s.
Met at 11 a.m. - dinner together at 4:30 at Boathouse Restaurant on Winona Lake.
Rich Miller came all the way from Florida.

2009 Reunion
It just seemed impossible to find a date for 2009.  With six different
campers not wanting to miss their 50th HS Class reunion and family reunions,
we chose to skip the Camp Reunion for this summer.  

2008 Reunion
Saturday, August 9, 2008.
We met in lovely weather on the banks of Winona Lake.
  Since this is the 50th Reunion year for high school for many of us,
we had to work around those dates but eight were able to be here this year.
Bob Hardin, Linda McIntyre Scott, Art Gorman, Karen Stuebe Elvin,
Dick Elvin, Joyce Green Hodge, Sara Shuss Grande, and Pat Jewell Fulwider.

Camper Dave Rose found his picture on here and sent an email;
he is pastor at a church near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and hopes to join us some time.
We talked on to the phone with Steve Crowell and Mike Murphy, both in California.

We continue to find former campers from the past and ask that you
let us know ways to contact any that you know we have missed.
Bob Hardin (at)

2007 4th Reunion
Saturday, July 28, 2007.
Ten of us met in Winona Lake, just about three blocks from the Kosci Lodge.
We visited and got reacquainted and welcomed three campers to the reunion
for their first time as we munched on some goodies brought by Pat Jewell and Sara Shuss.  
Dick Elvin led us in singing some of the old fun camp songs.
Some campers traveled many miles to join us; one came from Madison, Indiana,
and two from the east side of Ohio, and one from Columbus, Indiana.
The day ended with a meal at the lovely Boat House Restaurant on the shores of Winona Lake.
The ten who were able to attend were:
Sara Shuss, Pat Jewell, Bob Hardin, Dick Elvin, Karen Stuebe, Linda McIntyre,
Chuck Saunders, Leah Leifer, Cynthia Wilson, and Joyce Leffingwell.

Karen Stuebe Elvin created a picture/memory quilt which she brought to share with us.
Each camper signed the quilt with a memory for her.  There were pictures of us at camp
as well as some of the historical pictures from old postcards.
We hope to have a picture here on the site for all to see very soon.

Our list of camper contacts continues to grow, see the Contacts Page.
Bob Hardin hardinfamily (at)

2006 3rd Reunion
Saturday, August 12, 2006 was the date of our 3rd Annual Kosci Reunion.
Joyce Green Hodges was our host as the ten campers met together in Kokomo.
After an informal lunch with lots of visiting at MC ALISTER’S DELI
and then was off to Joyce's house where we gathered around her beautiful
dining room table and shared memories and pictures of years past, as well
as photos and stories of our lives and families since those camp days.

Those attending were:
Joyce Green, Sara Shuss, Pat Jewell, Dick Elvin, Karen Stuebe, Linda McIntyre,
Bob Hardin, Chuck Saunders, Barb Johnson, and Christina Forgey.

Bob Hardin (at)

2005 2nd Reunion
We had a great time at Winona Lake for the 2005
Camp Kosci Reunion on July 30th.  Twelve campers came
together to visit, share memories and photos and
update our lives with each other.  Art Gorman
played guitar and led us in singing camp songs, too.
What fun we had...and we missed those not with us.
Those able to join in the festivities were:
Sara Shuss, Barb Johnson, Cynthia Hopping, Joyce Green, Pat Jewell,
Bob Hardin, Christina Forgey, Lynne Janz, Linda McIntyre, Art Gorman,
Dick Elvin and Karen Stuebe.
Here is a
group picture with names.  (7-31-05)

Quickie 1st Reunion 2004
Dick Elvin had reason to be back in Indiana the last weekend in September, 2004,
so a quickie reunion was planned in Winona Lake
for any Kosci Campers who might be able to attend on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2004.
At 2:30 eight campers met at Winona Lake Park, right on Winona Lake,
just a few blocks north of where we went to Camp.
Click to see the pictures from the 1st reunion. 
Those eight coming to the first reunion:
Art Gorman, Joyce Green, Sara Shuss, Dick Elvin, Christina Forgey,
Barb Johnson, Pat Jewell, and Bob Hardin.
If you'd be interested in attending another reunion, let Bob Hardin know
so that plans can be made for next year. 

If you have some specific ideas for the page, please let me know.
Bob Hardin  hardinfamily (at)
attended Camp Kosci '54, '55, '56, '57 from Logansport Calvary Presbyterian Church.
I now live in Warsaw (next door to Winona Lake.)

Here is a link to view some old pictures.

Do you remember our Song Books?
Katherine (Katie) Price often led the songs; she was from Ohio, Miami University.
She was also director of the waterfront at camp, too.


We sang from this book in Junior High.

And this one in Senior High.

And I wore this around my neck as my name tag.

Also found this reminding me that I could take a rowboat out alone...

Alas, the lodge that was Camp Kosciusko to us is gone.  It has been replaced
by three lovely homes on the east shore of Winona Lake.  Many of the trees still stand.
The building across the street that I remember as the 'Health Center' still exists
as a private home.  Haynes Chapel is long gone, also, but the woods still are there
along with some of the cottages where the counselors lived.  Snake Island has been developed
into a beautiful upscale residential area.  But the canal and its bridges are still there
just as we remember them.

The swan pond in downtown Winona Lake is still there and has been rebuilt.
The Eskimo Inn closed and was replaced with a new post office building.
The Winona Queen paddle wheel boat is no longer on the lake.
The Chicago Boys' Club complex is gone and now million dollar homes sit on the site.

A few years ago, in 1995, I happened to see an obituary for a Walrond in the local paper.
It happened to be Rev. Harry Walrond's wife, Neva, so I waited a month
and then called him offering my condolences.  I explained who I was and that I
remembered him as being the Dean of our camp for a few years.  He was pleased to
hear from a camper after all these years.  I told him that he could never know
how important it was to each of us as teens, and that we all thanked him from
the bottom of our hearts.  I could tell he was deeply moved.
Just eight months later I saw that he had also died, and another part of our camp was gone.
It's not too late to thank God for him in your prayers.

Reverend Harry Walrond
Nov. 14, 1910  --  Jan. 3, 1996

Come back and visit again, soon!